Chief Medical Officer (consultant)

Dr. Rugg is an Oncologist with 30+ years of cancer specific industry drug development experience, having occupied both international and US focused positions in both large and small pharmaceutical companies. His comprehensive expertise ranges from early (pre-IND) development through all the clinical phases including post marketing approval Phase IV development support. Dr. Rugg commenced his career with Eli Lilly, and was extensively involved in the successful development of Gemcitabine, both in Non Small-Cell Lung cancer as well as Pancreatic cancer. Over a 25-year career, in addition to Eli Lilly, Dr. Rugg has worked in the small company sector (British Biotech, Ilex oncology and SGX Pharmaceuticals) as well as large companies, including Zeneca, Sanofi-Aventis and Genentech. Dr. Rugg’s focus has always been in the Oncology drug development arena, with diverse experience involving over 30 compounds including virtually all major classes of anti-cancer drugs. Beyond Gemcitabine, Dr. Rugg has been intimately involved in the successful registration of both Campath (CD52 targeted monoclonal antibody indicated for CLL) and Clofarabine (indicated in pediatric leukemias). During his career, Dr. Rugg has acquired FDA (IND, NDA and BLA) EMEA (CTX, DDX and MAA) and other regulatory experience, has been involved in both in- and out-licensing activities, participated in due diligence assessments, and has headed key development groups including biostatistics & data management, project management, regulatory affairs, toxicology, early CMC, and Medical Affairs. His previous industry position was Vice President, Bio-Oncology Medical Affairs at Genentech, where he lead a department of approximately 90 staff in the world’s most successful Oncology company.